How I Got A Job At Nas Daily? (A 10 Million Subscriber Youtuber)

Here are 5 things I did that helped me get a job at Nas Daily and why you should do them to land your dream job.

If you do not know, Nas Daily, whose real name is Nuseir Yassin, is a popular content creator that is mainly known for his thousand day video journey, where he made 1,000 one minute videos in 1,000 days on Facebook.

With each video ending with the tagline “That’s one minute! See you tomorrow!”

Nas Daily now has has over 45 million followers and billions of view in total across the social media platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat.

But how did I, a nobody who had less than a year’s experience in filming and video editing, get a job as professional videographer for Nas Daily?

Here are the 5 things I did:

  1. Know Your Passion 
  2. Be Crazy Good At Your Craft
  3. Keep Learning New Skills
  4. Have A World Class Professional Attitude 
  5. Preparation Meets Opportunity  

Let’s get started!

1. Know Your Passion 

This maybe a no brainer but you may have heard the saying “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

This is absolutely true! 

Being able to score your dream job or a job that is elite, you have to be the top performer out of tother applicant.

So if you do not have any passion or drive for that particular job, you have already lost.

A person who has drive and heart for a job will always beat the one who does not.

So make sure you have passion for the job you are after and you are not just chasing the money.

2. Be Crazy Good At Your Craft

Okay, now that we are done with the “obvious” stuff, let’s get down to the real stuff!

In order to get that dream job, you have to impress your future employer so you got to know your stuff and get really good at them.

This part alone will easily set you apart from your competition.

Story Time: 

Back then I had no skills or experience for video editing or filming but because I wanted a job in the social media space. 

I “forced” myself to start shooting with a camera and edited a video everyday just to get better with my craft.

I did this continuously for 8 months and when the day of the hackathon challenge arrived for a job offer with Nas Daily, I was well prepared.

Knowing your craft well will automatically make you more confident when applying for that job.

3. Keep Learning New Skills

Although being good at your craft is already good enough, you want to blow your future bosses socks away and also better yourself so why not keep improving after you have mastered your skill.

There are always more things to add to your arsenal in your job, so keep learning new skills and then mastering them and keep repeating. For example, after I learned and mastered the basics of video editing and filming, I went on to learn how to do VFX and improvement the sound design of my videos.

Like the same as point two, I repeated the process and mastered them both. I kept repeating this over and over again. Because I added these skills that some applicants did not have, it allowed me to impress even more.

You want to constantly keep improving yourself that how you impress and rise above the pack in job interviews or hackathons.

4. Have A World Class Professional Attitude 

Now, having all the perfect and fancy skills is not enough because they are all useless if the person who has them does not possess a professional attitude.

An employer would not want to hire someone who is either not respectful, unwilling to learn or just have an overall negative vibe towards things.

You want to show you have what it takes for whatever comes your way in your job or even in life.

Story Time:

When I was editing along side with 25 other applicants during the job hackathon, we were all given an hour to eat. Everyone left to have their lunch but I was the only one who skipped my meal, in order to get more time in my edit. This showed the Nas Daily Team that I was trustworthy and reliable with my work and I had high responsibility for it too. 

Having a world class professional attitude means when it working hours, you are a professional in whatever you do to complete the task at hand as best as possible.

5. Preparation Meets Opportunity  

This is something my dad always said to me even when I was a little boy.

Preparation Meets Opportunity”

Last Story Time:

Funny thing, I never knew who Nas Daily was when he was looking for a videography to join his team. I just happened to be a regular guy, working on improving and getting better at film making and video editing until I met a random guy who told me to give the job hackathon a go. Little did I know, it would then lead to owning my page/channel with millions of views and making money online.

In short, you always want to be prepared for whatever opportunity that may arise. Keep improving and keep perfecting your skills because you never know when an opening for something great may come. 


In conclusion, whatever job you are trying to go for, always remember that you want to try to be the best version of yourself.

And with these 5 things put into practice:

  1. Know Your Passion 
  2. Be Crazy Good At Your Craft
  3. Keep Learning New Skills
  4. Have A World Class Professional Attitude 
  5. Preparation Meets Opportunity  

I am sure you will land your dream job in no time and even if you do not. Keep on trying because you only truly fail when you stop taking a chance.

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