77+ Best Social Media Tools Of 2022 (Low Cost & Useful)

The best social media tools are aimed to help any marketer, brand or business to succeed.

As social media is constantly growing bigger and larger each year, with more people spending their time on the social media platforms.

It is crucial for every business or brand that has an online presence to have a social media presence as well so that they can connect to their consumers as much as possible.

But it is not easy to manage the ever growing multiple social media accounts all at once and regularly post new content on each, this is when social media tools comes in handy.

With social media tools, it can help you manage your social media accounts and content with ease and more.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best social media tools to help you succeed in social media marketing.

Let’s get started! 

What Are the Best Social Media Tools?

Here are my picks for the top tools:

1. Sprout Social (Best Overall) 

In my opinion, Sprout Social tops the list as the best overall tool as it is packed full of great features for businesses and large enterprises and it makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts in a single intuitive interface

However, the only downside is it’s pricing so if you’re on a budget, the next few tools on the list might be better suited.

2. SocialPilot (Best Valued For Price)

Socialpilot is one of the best social media management tools trusted by more than 115,000 marketers globally.

Personally, SocialPilot is better for agencies that want to schedule and publish on different platforms at an affordable cost.

3. Sendible (2nd Runner Up Overall)

A great all-in-one social media management platform too, where the platform is user friendly and is a wonderful tool to be organized and efficient.

It also has strong scheduling functionality and social inbox included.

4. Crowdfire (Best to drive traffic) 

Crowdfire is a super cool tool that is designed to help drive traffic to your website and landing pages while increasing social engagement.

5. Hootsuite (Best for analytics) 

Hootsuite is great for monitoring activity and analyzing your results.

You can also plan, publish and schedule your post with ease and engage with customers.

6. Post Planner

Post Planner allows you to see what types of content are shared around a specific subject or person, allowing you to see what’s trending and giving you more new content ideas.

The tool will also give each piece of content’ performance engagement ranking, making it easier whether a post is worth sharing.

7. Buffer

This social media tool allows you to share content and schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

The best part it starts off free!

8. Semrush

Semrush mainly emphasis is on keyword research and SEO. 

This tool also has other features like competitive research tools, and an agency growth kit.

9. Zoho 

Zoho is a tool that will allow you to publish and schedule posts across multiple platforms and access summary reports and analytics.

Another great overall all in one tool!

10. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is great for automation and its scheduling features. 

This tool lets you generate posts using a browser extension, set up category-based scheduling that saves you time and effort, and executes continuous posting that ensures you’re constantly engaging your audience. 

11. Loomly

This tool is best used for large team collaboration as it has plans that cater to teams of up to 30 people. 

12. Agorapulse

Another great all-in-one social media management tool that helps with social inbox, scheduling, reporting, and social listening. 

A free plan is available too!

13. Pallyy

If you are focusing on mainly Instagram and TikTok, this tool is the one for you!

14. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another great one for tracking analytics. You can also publish and schedule for various platforms too.

15. Brandwatch

Brandwatch lets you easily understand everything you need to know about performance and engagement for all your social platforms

16. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is perfect place to connect with the right influencers for your brand. Pretty cool!

17. Bitly

This one is just a tool to help shorten your ugly URLs. Great free tool for everyone!

18. Audiense

This tool provides insights into your analytics, suggestions for targeting and engagement, and helps keep tabs on your key influencers and competitors.

19. Tailwind

If you are marketing on Pinterest, this tool is must as it tracks activity across Pinterest about your company, products, and competitors.

20. Oktopost

Another great tool to building your brand’s online presence where it helps you establish and manage your most valuable content, making sure your efforts add value to your marketing strategy.

21. Tweetdeck

A tool used only for Twitter which makes managing the platform a whole lot easier!

22. EveryPost

Everypost has features that let you curate visual content, schedule customized posts, collaborate with team members, and analyze performance.

23. Rebrandly

Similar to Bitly, this tool is a link shortener focused on customization, where you can insert your brand in links, generating friendly URLs and easy association with your company.

24. Google Trends

A free tool that allows you to search for topics and trends. Online strategies need to find what the audience has been talking about and taking an interest in.

25. Canva

Canva has thousands of templates that you can use to create and design high quality layouts and presentations.

26. Kicksta

If Instagram is your thing, this tool allows for organic growth which doesn’t use any bots but helps build a qualified audience that can engage.

27. Nuvi

Nuvi helps track impressions on your social media platforms and provides detailed and visually easy to use data.

28. Keyhole

Keyhole allows you to measure Influencer Marketing campaigns and monitor what the public is saying about your brand on the web.

29. Feedly

Not only is it a social media tool that is designed to organize your feed, it is also a platform that helps to follow topics of interest and the volume in which they appear on the web.

Making it easier to identify trends that can be explored by your brand.

30. KISSmetrics

If you have a website, this is perfect for you! 

This tool is for website analysis, which identify what is most engaging and delivers complete reports to you so optimize your business

31. Buddy Media

Buddy media helps to publish polls, offers, and other content to drive brand engagement, measure conversions, and manage social presences at scale all from one easy-to-use platform.

32. CircleBoom

A social media scheduling tool that supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and TikTok.

33. Crowdriff

Crowdriff helps make content creation easy for all your favorite social media channels.

34. Cyber Alert

Another tool used to monitor and measure solutions for your social media channels.

35. Engagor

An amazing tool to engage with customers on social media through powerful social media management, monitoring and analytics software.

36. Hashtracking

A tool that gives you insights and real-time intelligence for your hashtag campaigns.

37. HopperHQ

A tool that helps automatically schedule your Instagram posts!

38. Instaeasy

Another tool to help post your Instagram posts easily.

39. Kontentino

Kontentino is an intuitive social media management tool with content calendar simplifying social media approval process.

40. KuiqLink

Kuiqlink helps you create a Smart landing page for your brand or your business within few minutes. Use numerous marketing features to increase sales, embed videos or add any other block the simplest way possible.

41. Later Bro

Here’s one for Facebook and Twitter, this tool helps schedule updates to keep your social media audience or customers up to date.

42. Listly

A tool to help organized and have control of your Twitter lists.

43. MassPlanner

A tool that helps schedule unlimited posts for your Facebook ,Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter accounts!

44. Mavsocial

Mavsocial is a platform that handles all of your favorite social networking channels and makes your life easier!

45. Moz Analytics

This amazing tool helps track all your SEO and social media data, see data visualizations, gain competitive insights, and get actionable recommendations so you can do better marketing.

46. Offerpop

A platform that to manage user generated content and improve marketing activation.

47. Omgili

Omgili helps find interesting and current social media discussions, news stories and blog posts so you can trend and go viral on social media.

48. OneDesk

OneDesk is a software for product management, project management, customer service, and product roadmapping.

49. Pablo by Buffer

This tool helps make interesting and engaging images for your social media posts fast and easy!

50. Parature

A cool customer service tool that help your team deliver the right answers at the right time in a productive manner.

51. ContentCal

ContentCal is a simple-to-use software that makes content creation and publishing easy for anyone

52. Brandmentions

A great tools to monitor and social listen to gain insights about your brand or niche where you can find all your online mentions and monitor conversations about your brand, competitors, and industry. 

53. CoSchedule

CoSchedule help you plan, schedule, and post your social media content all from one platform!

54. Klear

Klear is a software that allows you to find and manage influencers to promote your brand.

55. SOCi

This tool is another excellent scheduling software for social media!

56. Foursixty

This one is best for Ecommerce businesses and Instagram pages, where this tool helps share user-generated content from Instagram on their websites to help increase sales and monitor their brand.

57. Emplifi

Emplifi helps you track your engagement, share reports, and see social advertisement results on one platform. 

You also can receive real-time insights for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

58. Pinterest Web Analytics

This tool helps get insights into your pins with Pinterest Analytics.

59. Planoly

If you work in between your computer and phone, this tool might be for you as it helps manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts from your different devices easily.

60. Postcron

Postcron schedules your posts on Twitter, Facebook fan pages, groups, and profiles, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest!

61. Reputology

Reputology monitors and see what customers are saying on social media channels and respond quickly to them!

62. SalesTools.io

This one is for Linkedin! 

This tool extracts searches from Linkedin to Excel or monitor your newsfeed for keywords to obtain targeted leads.

63. SEMRush

A powerful tool to monitor and see analytics of you and your competitors social media profiles.

64. SeoTools for Excel

This one helps create SEO, social media reports and dashboards in Excel to track your business better.

65. ShareMyInsights

A tool for Instagram to help track, analyze and optimize your Instagram marketing.

66. Simplify360

A powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool used by global brands and agencies.

67. VidIQ

A new organic video marketing platform for the next generation of brands and entertainers.

68. VidRocket

VidRocket help you connect with YouTube influencers and promote your videos to a larger audience.

69. ViralWoot

A tool for Pinterest which helps with promotion, management and analytics.

70. Wave Video

Wave Video allows you to create your own marketing and social media videos.

71. Zoomph

Zoomph is a comprehensive platform that collects, ranks, and displays the content you need to transform regular users into lifelong brand.

72. ZoomSphere

ZoomSphere is a complete social media management tool for your business or brand.

73. Social Flow

Social Flow uses real-time data and business rules to determine what and when to publish to your social media properties for both owned and paid social posts.

74. SilverBakk

SilverBakk measures your success by tracking your social media accounts, news and traffic on the internet to have rough sense of where you are.

75. Bulkly

A tool that works well with Buffer which helps recycles your social media updates and automatically sends them over.

76. Brid.tv

A new online video platform that you can not only monetise on but also promote and publish your videos for your business.

77. Amplifr

Amplifr is a tool that post updates and share your content across your social media platforms. 

It also retrieve ocial stats, counts every click, analyzes your content performance and delivers an analytics report to your email every week.

What is a Social Media Tool?

A Social Media tool helps facilitates your social media platforms to achieve maximum results for your brand or business.

It allows marketers or basically anyone to have the ability to track, analyze and understand the performance of social media posts and campaigns.

There are 4 types of Social Media Tools everyone should use:

  • Content Curation Tools: 

In order to have a successful brand, you need to have a mix of interesting and strategic content, which require curation of content.

So tools like, Feedly, helps save you time by finding and saving interesting articles to share on your social media platforms later.

  • Social Media Scheduling Softwares:

Content is king so you need to have a consistent stream of posts going out.

Using tools like Sprout Social, you can automize and schedule your content easy and be on time with publishing.

  • Content Creation Tools: 

For your brand to stand out from the rest, you need to have new, fresh and visually interesting content to capture your audience.

So with free tools like Canva, you can design and create unique and eye catching content.

  • Social Media Analytics Tools: 

This is a must for social media, because you will need to know what is going on with each of your post and understand what can be improved to achieve success in your branding.

That is why tools like Hootsuite is used to help track and monitor your content. 

Best Social Media Tools – Summary

No matter which one of the Social Media tools you are going for, do make sure not only is it right for your brand or business but it is also well within the means of your budget.

You can do so by first, researching more on the tools, finding out if the price, usability and features are the things you want and need.

Second, once you have decided to go for a tool, check if there is a free trial period you can sign up first before committing to a plan. Most Social Media tools has either 7, 14 or 30-days trials to leverage on.

Lastly, choose tools that best suits your needs, is user friendly and not complicated to use. The tools are there to help make your life easier, not the other way around.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan.

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